E-Bill eliminates the use of paper by allowing the Cooperative to send your electric statement by E-Mail. It's fast, convenient and secure. If you choose to enroll in E-Bill, you will be notified by E-Mail when your new bill is available, and you will no longer receive a printed bill in the mail. By clicking on the link within the E-Mail that you receive, you will be presented with your electric statement. You may view, print and/or pay your bill with just a few keystrokes.


Stop worrying about whether or not you paid your electric bill. By signing up for E-Pay, your payment will be electronically deducted from your bank account automatically on the DUE DATE listed on your electric bill. E-Pay saves you the hassle of writing a check to Excelsior EMC each month and saves you a stamp or trip to the office to deliver the payment. Also your money stays in your bank account until the due date giving you the maximum use of your money. By using this payment method, you’ll be glad to know there’s no danger of a delinquent notice being mailed to you because you forgot to pay the bill.

E-Bill + E-Pay:

If you like both E-Bill and E-Pay, you may be interested in combining the two. By doing so, you will receive your bill by E-Mail and your balance will be electronically deducted from your bank account on the due date printed on the bill.

For more information on these new billing options, stop by our Metter or Statesboro office or call us at
(912) 685-2115 in Metter or (912) 764-2123 in Statesboro. To sign up for one of these options, click the Sign Up button now.

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